​Imagine that you are driving. You’re ​on a street you are very familiar with, there are lots of other cars around you, and you’re on your way to school. It seems like a pretty normal day where nothing is really odd or out of place except for one vital issue-- you start seeing green lights as red, and red lights as green.

Now take it a step further and imagine the consequences of a change like this. You come to your first light and people are honking and screaming at you to “STOP!” and you have no idea why. You come to the next intersection and everyone is just sitting there watching green lights. You’re yelling at these people to “GO!” and they’re looking at you like you’re crazy. This is the essence of distorted thinking.

When you see reality through distorted eyes, it can have a major effect on your emotions and on your ability to interact with people. Now bring this experience into your world. You failed a test and are positive that you have blown all chances at getting into the college of your choice. You have a zit on your face and are certain that’s all anybody is talking about at school that day. You are a half hour late coming home on Saturday night and it’s your parents’ fault because they were watching the clock. The guy/girl that you have had a crush on for months likes your best friend and you are sure you will never love again.

The various types​ of distorted thinking that you experience in your daily life can add up to an environment full of chaos and unhappiness. Friends get frustrated with each other. Parents & kids treat each other like they are from another planet. Distorted thoughts are all a part of the ​maturing process, but there are things we can do about them​.