Feeling misunderstood? In a funk you just can't shake? Bummed out? Or just plain mad?

Find the fun and lighten your emotional load with a quick swipe or easy click. Here are 11 stress-busting, attitude-adjusting apps and online tools that will leave you feeling better, stronger, healthier and happier. They're all free, too!

  1. My Life My Voice Mobile App​
    Animated emoticons help you identify your mood and track your feelings. Plenty of life tips to give you more pep in your step.

  2. 99 Coping Skills
    Surefire self-help strategies to manage your mood, anxiety or depression.

  3. Brain Dump
    Shake free from negative thoughts and find yourself in a happier headspace.

  4. Scream Into The Void
    A safe space to confidentially and without any consequences rage at heartbreak, hurt and betrayal. When you're done, feel instant relief.

  5. The Quiet Place
    Who knew the spacebar could be so soothing? Have your sense of calm restored in seconds.

  6. This Is Sand
    When you can't go to a sun-soaked beach to chill and relax, this game gives you the serenity you need.

  7. Mandala Maker
    Find your inner artist and ease your anxiety by creating funky abstract and geometric designs.

  8. Fun Distractions
    De-stress with silly games and just-for-fun personality quizzes. See which president (or animal!) is most like you!

  9. Yoga On YouTube
    When your body feels better, so will your mind. Get recharged and find your center.

  10. Drawing
    Forget all your woes and use your feelings to create awesome, mind-blowing digital art.

  11. Take A Deep Breath
    Calm your nerves, lower your heart rate and relax with this easy-to-follow breathing exercise.