If someone tells you to be ready, what does that mean to you? Your parents might want you to be on time for something, teachers could prompt you to be prepared for a test or quiz, or a coach might want you to be ready for a move that your opponent could make. Each of those prompts require you to be prepared for something that will or could happen to you in the future.

What about being mentally ready for situations coming your way?

Think for a minute about what happens when you play the game of Dodgeball. You know that balls are going to be flung at you from all directions, so what is your response? Duck, dodge, and keep moving, right? You also want to grab and catch balls that come your way so you can throw them right back to the other side.

What can you do to be prepared for the ups and downs that life has in store for you? How can psych yourself up to dodge some things, fight back when you need to, and generally just “be ready" for whatever life throws at you?

Be realistic. Things happen. Life is not always easy, sometimes it hurts. People who persevere know this is true but keep going anyway. They pick up that ball that life threw at them and throw it back; they stay in the game.

Here are some ideas for you to consider: