Trying to be the perfect person can leave you feeling anxious and fearful of the next event, situation, or project. Sometimes the ever present need to be perfect reaches the point where you are living more in the future instead of the moment. Letting go of being perfect is not an easy thing for some people to do. There’s nothing wrong with trying to do your best, but when that attempt at perfection starts to control your every move and dictate your emotions, it might be time to re-evaluate.

  • Attitude is everything!
    • Have healthy expectations. Situations don’t have to be “all or nothing.” There is an in-between, and that’s ok.
      • Set your goals but be open to making changes when adjustments need to be made.
      • Have gratitude for the things you are thankful for in your life. Happiness can increase little by little If you focus on the positives.
  • Growth is so much more than aging!
    • Forgiving yourself is so much more than saying “it’s OK,” and moving forward. When honest reflection occurs, you accept, get comfortable with, and learn from your mistakes. From there you can practice genuine self-forgiveness.
  • It’s the journey not the destination!
    • Perfectionists measure success by their achievements. Instead, do things for the sheer joy of doing them. This mindset will enable you to find happiness​ within yourself.
  • Sharing is caring!
    • Don’t keep your feelings bottled up. Talking about what you’re facing allows you to both get support and offer support to others who are struggling. No one is perfect, everyone is dealing with something.
  • Love yourself and your flaws!
    • Before anything can change you have to accept who you are and learn to love yourself. Each day take a moment to appreciate and remind yourself of the good you’re doing.

Your imperfections make you beautiful, they make you who you are. So just be yourself, love yourself for who you are, and just keep going

-Demi Lovato