Knowing who to talk to ahead of your stressful time allows you to get immediate support when you need it most.

We all have times when we feel alone and question "Who is going to be there for me when I really need them?" During those times, we tell ourselves that no one cares. But we need to remember that this is simply not true. Often, our depression and anxiety cause this negative self-talk. The reality is there are people who are rooting for us, who want to be there and see us succeed. There are a variety of people who are part of our lives and want to help: family, friends, counselors, and teachers.

Before things get stressful, it is important to map out who you can go to for help. Along with the people who are part of your everyday life, you can reach out to a hotline-- especially if you need some extra support or are concerned that you can't keep yourself safe.

Planning ahead allows you to know who to turn to during those times when you just cannot think of anyone. We know that times like this can happen, get prepared. Be proactive not reactive.

Once you have mapped out your circle of support; put it in a special place, keep it handy.

Sometimes being strong doesn’t mean battling it alone. Sometimes being strong means admitting you need help.


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