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"I don't want to live anymore"

What happens when you run out of hope? That moment when it seems life will never get better and you do not feel like going on. Use our worksheet to help you decide what should be in your Hope Box. Maybe you've asked yourself time and time again, "Is it even possible to feel better?" Or perhaps you've thought, "I don't want to live anymore."

Dark times fall upon all of our lives at one point or another. When the darkness becomes too great, we can lose sight of our reasons to keep pushing forward. During these times, we need something to remind us of why we're here, and of what's most important in our lives. One way to remember who we are and what we live for is by using a "Hope Box."

The Hope Box

A Hope Box is a simple but powerful way to help you remember your reasons for living during moments when all hope seems gone. To create a Hope Box, follow these three steps:

  1. Find an empty shoe box, large envelope, or other small-to-medium sized container
  2. Take items that have a significant meaning and place them in the box. Ideas for items you might choose are:
    • A special letter, card, or printed email from someone you care about
    • Special pictures that bring up positive memories (family, friends, vacations, etc.)
    • Success documents (report card, diploma, certificates, awards, etc.)
    • Your favorite CD or printed lyrics to a meaningful song
    • Jewelry that means something to you
    • Special quotations or Bible verses
    • Art that you have created or that someone has made for you
    • Your favorite book or magazine
    • Significant objects
  3. Use our worksheet to help you decide what should be in your Hope Box
  4. Place your important items into the box, and put it somewhere it can be easily accessed, such as under your bed, in a dresser drawer, or on your nightstand.

Rediscovering Hope

Finding hope is crucial. The next time you are searching for that hope pull out your box and go through your items. As you hold each object, take a deep breath and remember why it is special to you. Your memories of special times can help restore your hope and provide you with reasons to keep pressing on. When you are finished looking through your box, put the items back and store it in a safe place. Always remember that your life is worth living. May your Hope Box remind you of this during times when you have forgotten.

What if I need more help?

The Hope Box is one way to remember your reasons for living. However, there may be times when more help is needed. On those days, reach out and talk to your parents, teachers, a school counselor or Safe2Help Illinois (844-4-SAFEIL). Talking to someone can provide that extra level of support that you are searching for. Always remember that you will get through these dark times. Hold on, reach out, and never let go of the things that mean the most to you.

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