When dealing with the ups and downs of life, locating your happiness is great way to feel a little more in control. Figure out the best way to bring happiness into your life by using these tips:

  1. Surround yourself with others that make you laugh or smile. We all need a good laugh from time to time so stick with people who can help you do so. Studies show that we are happiest when we are around those who are also happy.
  2. Stick with your values. Your values are what you believe in, what you hold to be fair and honest and the more you use them, the better you will feel about yourself and about others that you keep in your life.
  3. Accept the good. Figure out what is working in your life. Even if it's not perfect don't push it off. Take time to accept the good things in life. Even if they are tiny, enjoy the good!
  4. Imagine the best. Put good thoughts out into the universe and imagine yourself getting it. Many people avoid this process because they don't want to be disappointed if things don't work out. The truth is that imagining getting what you want is a big part of achieving it.
  5. Do things you love. You might not be able to go on vacations or buy fancy things but you can enjoy activities and things you love every once in a while. You might have to go back a few years and think about what made you happy as a child. Was it a toy, a certain video or even a fun tradition? Give it a try and you will find greater happiness.
  6. Find purpose. Take some time and put your focus on someone else. There are a lot of benefits that a person can gain from helping others. It helps gain self-confidence, perspective, and experience and who knows; maybe you'll make a new friend.
  7. Listen to your heart. You are the only one who knows what fills you up. Your family and friends may think you'd be great at something that really doesn't float your boat. Experience a new hobby or task.
  8. Be your own cheerleader. It's easy to feel that someone else is responsible for your fulfillment, but the reality is that it is really your charge. The same goes for the opposite. You can't always blame others or the world. Once you stop putting that blame on them, you may find your answers to happiness much sooner.
  9. Be open to change. Change can be hard to handle and sometimes it doesn't feel good. However, change is the one thing you can count on. Change will happen. So be ready for it and have a plan if it happens in your life.
  10. Bask in the simple pleasures. Take a minute each day and just breathe. Think about those who love you, a fond memory, fun times with a friend or family member, silly jokes, or your favorite place time of the year. These memories are really the best part of life. Those memories are small gifts that keep on giving and no one can take those from you.

Happiness and fulfillment are within your grasp, but sometimes just out of reach. Understanding what works best for you is the first step in finding more of them.

Adapted from Psychologytoday.com