1. For you
  2. Because there are goals you want to achieve
  3. This day is done, you don't have to go through it again
  4. You could be on the brink of something big
  5. To do something you've never done before
  6. There are people you care about
  7. Whatever you are struggling with now will become a source of strength and resilience in the future
  8. So you can help others
  9. Remember, you don't just have one purpose in life you have many
  10. Do something you're proud of
  11. You're getting stronger each day
  12. There is only one of “you" on this planet
  13. All it takes is one day for your life to change for the better
  14. Be proud of yourself
  15. You could change the lives of others for the better without even realizing it
  16. Hold on to the positives in your life and let go of the things that are holding you back
  17. There are people who care about you
  18. You are important
  19. Tomorrow is a new day
  20. There is so much yet to discover
  21. Every day is a new learning experience
  22. You've made it this far!
  23. Recovery is possible
  24. Life isn't just about pain, it's about recovery from pain and finding a new path forward
  25. One day you'll look back and say “I made it"

When you're struggling to find a purpose and ready to give up; use this list to remind yourself why you should keep going.