The resources in this section of the toolkit are intended for early childhood and school-age students through grade 4.

Students are introduced to the basic fundamentals of safety.

These resources are intended to support learning the concepts of personal safety and setting personal boundaries, empathy, and problem solving by exploring the following topics:
Be Kind
Telling vs. Tattling
Trusted Adult
Stress and Anxiety
Healthy Relationships to Reduce Social Isolation

For each topic, a description of the topic, research to consider when developing lessons and suggested activities with resources are provided. Classroom activities, educational videos, story book suggestions, and more are also included.

Learning Outcomes and Competencies

All lessons derived from the use of this toolkit should connect to the Illinois Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Standards for upper elementary and junior high schools as outlined in the documents below:
Illinois Priority Learning Standards for the 2020-21 School Year - Social/Emotional Learning
Grades 1-5 Social Emotional Learning Performance Descriptors