After dealing with social isolation, whether due to Covid-19 or other factors, you may not know how to build relationships in the same way you did when you were younger. Reminding yourself that this is normal and that many of your peers are dealing with the same issue is important. You are not alone, by any means. You don’t need to become a “social butterfly” immediately. Start small by looking to build a relationship with just one person at first. Texting, talking on the phone, or video chatting on the computer occasionally about similar hobbies or interests can be a beginning. Being a good listener and questioner keeps the conversation going and helps you find commonalities. If you’re not sure how to be a friend, think about what you’d like people to ask or talk with you about and do the same to others. Sometimes “acting as if” allows us to practice skills we haven’t mastered yet. 

As you begin to feel more comfortable, consider volunteering or joining a group where other teens with similar interests also belong. Use the same strategies you used in growing one friendship now with multiple peers.