Has anyone ever told you to "be patient," or to "just wait a ​minute?" It can be frustrating especially if you are in a hurry. With all of today's technology, it is easy to expect things to happen immediately. We want what we want…and we want it now!

The thing is, there are times when we may just have to wait. We may not have a choice. No amount of wishing or hoping or worrying will make the wait go away.

As frustrating at this can be, sometimes waiting is actually good. For one thing, it helps us develop self-discipline. Ever spend your hard earned money on something and regret it the next day? Ever get mad at a friend and immediately blow up their phone with nasty text messages? These types of actions can be considered impulsive. We simply feel something and act on it without taking the time to think or consider consequences.

When we act impulsively, we often feel out of control and bad later. When we learn to ride out our impulses and desires, and take the time to make wise decisions, we feel more in command of ourselves and our lives. We have fewer regrets, feel better about ourselves, and become less agitated when an unexpected or unwanted delay arises.

Sometimes waiting makes that thing we want even better. The excitement that we feel when we know something awesome is on the way, can make us appreciate it even more. And when we are waiting for something that might be challenging, the time that we have to prepare can make the challenge easier to face.

Finally, sometimes waiting gives us a chance to simply slow down. With our fast-paced, stressful world, we don't often get a moment to just rest and appreciate what we have right in front of us. When we are forced to wait, we can actually live in the moment and appreciate the things we already have. It also allows our minds, bodies, and emotions to take a break and relax in the midst of a chaos.